Executive Master of Business Administration (English program)

Durée des études: 3 ans

Duration of Interships: : 1st year: 2 months / 2nd year: 6 months


The Master of Business Administration, is a master in management, it is a training of excellence renowned throughout the world. The MBA is a real asset for a professional career. Thanks to their new skills, holders of this master’s degree are generally promoted to positions of high responsibility.

Rather generalist, the training adapts to all types of sectors. In order to ensure a better convergence between the university training course and the real needs of the labor market, our teachers adopt a variety of teaching methods requiring the active participation of the students and favoring the practical dimension: analysis of specialized articles, study of cases, interventions by professionals, oral presentations, practical work, simulation games, mini-projects, field missions, etc.


MBA training aims to train versatile managers, with strong development potential, able to adapt to any type of organization and perform a variety of operational and administrative activities. The training provided puts students in a position to develop personal projects to create projects.

This training offers the opportunity to access highly qualified executive positions in management professions in many sectors.

  • Management of large companies and public establishments.
  • Director of international divisions.
  • Responsible for international projects.
  • International development coordinator.
  • Responsible for the communication.